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A Graduation Story: One of AFG’s high school graduates shares her struggles and triumphs

May. 31 2017

This spring, high school seniors everywhere will be counting the days until their graduation day. Graduating from high school is an important milestone for every young adult, but for some, the path to graduating is filled with obstacles, like homelessness or violence in their communities.

Despite these challenges, young women in AFG’s programs get the help and resources they need to walk across the stage with their peers. We are happy to report that for the 17h year in a row, 100% of the high school seniors in our Prevention Program will be doing just that! Below is a story of a young woman preparing for her next chapter, as a college freshmen.

Making the Grade

Meet Anayeli. Anayeli is 18 years old and has been a participant in AFG’s After-school Program for the past four years. “Freshmen and sophomore years were easy. Junior year and senior year were stressful! I felt like I needed a week and a half just to do my nightly homework,” Anayeli recalls.

When she needed help with her homework, Anayeli knew just where to turn. “The homework help and all of the staff and volunteers that helped, made a big difference. Right now I have a low grade in English, but I’m working on getting it to an A or B for my last report card.”

Looking Forward to the Future

AFG has also helped Anayeli decide which college to go to. “Coming to AFG helped me decide to go to college and see which ones I wanted to go to. We took field trips to visit colleges. I applied to two of those places and got accepted to one of them!”

Now that she’s almost done with high school, Anayeli says she will miss hanging out with her friends every day. But, she is looking forward to the flexibility that college will bring to her daily schedule, “I’m looking forward to not being at the same school for 8 hours a day. In college, you get more breaks!” she smiles. After she graduates next month, Anayeli plans to attend college in the fall and begin a pre-nursing program so she can become a nurse one day.

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