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Blog: A Prosperous Adult

Dec. 20 2011

Posted on December 20, 2011 by Latrina

About the blogger: Latrina is a former AFG Shelter resident who has now been living successfully on her own. She has continued to stay in touch with AFG as she continues to forge a positive life for herself.

I came to Alternatives For Girls because I had an unhealthy relationship with my mother and my father was in and out of jail. My mother would put me out anytime she felt like it; she treated me like I was unwanted and always reminded me I didn’t look pretty and that I would never amount to anything. I was disrespected so badly that my self esteem was extremely low and I turned to men for love.

When I was 20 years old, my mom put me out again, and I had nowhere to go. I stayed in an abandoned house for two weeks. Then I found out about Alternatives For Girls because I had a friend there who was a Peer Educator team leader. She told me how great the program was and that they would help me with everything that I needed.

My case planner, counselor, and resident advisor talked to me and help me get out of the abusive relationship with my boyfriend that I was in. I grew a better relationship with my mother. Alternatives For Girls paid for my certified nursing assistant class and my state exam test, so now I’m state certified to be a nursing assistant.  I also worked at AFG as a youth leader in AFG’s Prevention Program helping young kids with after school activities. In addition, I worked at a hair salon so that I could save up money. I was able to use this money to buy my car.

At Alternatives For Girls, I learned to be more responsible, work hard and become independent. In AFG’s independent living classes, I learned the importance of budgeting money, healthy living, and how to search for stable living environments. Now I know how to save money and spend according to my income. I even opened my own bank account.

After living at AFG for nine months, I moved out and into my own apartment this past August. I am now working as a security guard and just started working in a group home helping the patients there with personal hygiene, taking them to doctors appointments, and more. With my new job, I am able to use my certified nursing assistant license. I feel like I can always call my case planner whenever I need help, and she will always help me with whatever I need. I plan on furthering my education at a community college for 2 years, then going to a university for my Bachelors of Science in Nursing.

One day I want to help young people and give back to the community to show my appreciation for everything Alternatives For Girls has done for me. I am making myself a better person, and a stronger woman. It has begun with building healthier relationships with myself as well as with others, getting my Certified Nursing Assistant license, working to defeat obesity, and finding employment. I have overcome my fears and I am becoming a prosperous, happy, and healthy adult.

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