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Learning How to Ride: Girls in the Prevention Program end their summer at Detroit Horse Power

Sep. 26 2017

In August, girls from AFG’s Prevention Program attended the Detroit Horse Power summer camp for the third summer in a row. During the week-long horseback riding camp, the girls learned how to take care of the horses and how to ride safely. They also got the chance to practice riding each day. “I learned trotting, posting, and how to ride the horse by myself,” recalls Lizbeth, who attended the camp for the first time this summer. “Trotting was my favorite part because it’s fast!” she smiles.

Throughout the camp, the girls also discussed how confidence, perseverance, self-control, and empathy relate to horseback riding. “It’s important to be confident with horses and to have self-control. You can’t get angry at the horses because they don’t know better. You just have to try harder,” Lizbeth explained. The confidence she learned while horseback riding has also transferred over into her school work, “I feel more confident to raise my hand in class and answer or ask questions.”

After the camp was over, the group took a two-day trip with Detroit Horse Power to Mackinac Island! The group visited The Little Barn, a non-profit horseback riding organization on the island, and got to meet their horses, bail hay, and meet the kids who participate in The Little Barn program. While on the island, the girls also explored downtown Mackinac Island, visited the Equestrian Center, and swam in the hotel pool.

AFG would like to thank The Little Barn for hosting the girls and helping to secure lodging and Detroit Horse Power for paying for the trip and offering this incredible opportunity to the girls at Alternatives For Girls!

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