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Monthly Giving Program

You can help end homelessness and exploitation. Become an AFG Dream Champion today.

When you become a Dream Champion, you will join a special group of people who donate each month to provide life-changing resources to homeless and at-risk girls and women in Detroit, no matter what the year brings.

Become a Dream Champion today and enjoy:

  • Automatic monthly deduction of your donation from your credit card or checking account, on the second Friday of every month
  • An annual summary of your giving provided for tax purposes
  • The ability to change or suspend your membership at anytime
  • Less mail from us, if you prefer
  • The opportunity to be listed as a Dream Champion in our monthly E-newsletter, on our website, and on our social media

You Can Make a Difference Today

Join Alternatives For Girls’ monthly giving program and become a Dream Champion with a recurring donation to help support homeless and at-risk girls and women.

Your gift of
$10 per month

Could provide two days’ worth of meals for a young woman in AFG’s Shelter.

Your gift of
$25 per month

Could fund school supplies for an entire year for one high school aged young woman in our After-school Program.

Your gift of
$50 per month

Could provide one hour of counseling services to grief and trauma victims served by AFG.

Your gift makes a difference
Choose your own amount

Thank you!

AFG’s Dream Champions are helping turn the dreams of girls and young women into reality. Through their monthly support,  they help provide life-changing resources to homeless and high-risk girls and women in Detroit. Thank you to the individuals who have signed up to become Dream Champions, including:

Ashley Adams

Tara Akitt

Nena Atkins

Scott N. and Lesley F. Atton

Shaelin Baker

Dawn Barrack

Siobhan Barrett

Desirae Beals

Katie Bleavins and Brett Suave

Nia Bozeman

Scott Brooks

Briana Carlesimo

Chanille Carswell

Yesenia Castaneda

Mariel Cauchi

Janice Cole

Nicole Cook

Carolyn Doyle

Angella and Jed Durkin

Lisa and Michael Fritsch

Emily Gauronskas

T.J. Ghoul

Adriana Gjokaj

Pamela Goletz

Jordan Good

Amanda (Amy) Good and Mr. David Finkel

Mary Haapala

Natasha Hardy

Lorna Harlow

Jennifer Hazelton

Marian Houseman

Merrie Johnson

Karen Johnson

Rose Joseph

Laura Kaiser

Jeff Kendall

Seth Kimball

Alexandra Korell

Chris Lee

Christine Lepottier

Amanda Louks

Emma Lucken

Scott Lumsden

Sue Marshall Wierzbicki

Karen McCarthy

Renée McClelland

Patricia McLeish

Sue Merritt

Charles Molnar

Desirae Moorer

Natalie and Adam Morath

Christopher Morgan

Cheryl Murdock

Lynn Naoum

Sydney Newton

Robert Oppermann

John Parker

Renee Peck

Casey Pletcher

Brittany Poppen

Arlene B. Rampson

David Ramsay

Laverne Reinhardt – Beard

Anne Rueter

Allen Salyer

Jaymie Sanfilippo-Sherrard

Thycodathu Shajahan

Emily Sheeran

Kelly Sovacool

Kellyn Szajnecki

Celia Thomas

Nu Tran

Sammye Van Diver

Monica Vasquez

Nancy Wade

Michael and Elizabeth West

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