Project Giving Tree Spreads Joy: AFG's annual giving program helps provide holiday gifts for hundreds of girls and young women - Alternatives For Girls

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Project Giving Tree Spreads Joy: AFG’s annual giving program helps provide holiday gifts for hundreds of girls and young women

Dec. 20 2016

December has been filled with joy and celebration, thanks to our holiday giving program Project Giving Tree (PGT). Each year, the girls and young women at Alternatives For Girls create a wish list that includes items they are in need of that year. The wish lists include items such as clothing, winter boots, coats, scarves, and gloves, as well as fun items such as books, jewelry, or toys.

Once the wish lists are filled out, they are adopted by businesses, organizations, church groups, and individuals. This year, our generous PGT donors fulfilled nearly 250 wish lists, as well as additional items for dozens of families!

“Project Giving Tree is an important program because it helps ensure that each and every one of AFG’s participants can enjoy a cheerful holiday season,” Jenny Clement, AFG Volunteer Services and Project Giving Tree Manager explains. “The support of donors helps make sure that AFG is able to provide a special gift to all of our participants.”

The gifts collected during PGT are given to the girls and young women at each program’s holiday party throughout the month of December. “The girls and young women can take part in a special holiday celebration with their AFG family, which can be especially valued to those who don’t have others to celebrate the holidays with,” says Jenny. This year, over 20 volunteers helped make these parties possible. “Volunteers assist at the holiday parties to make sure they are extra memorable. From assisting with crafts to helping pick up participants; volunteers help each party run smoothly,” Jenny explains.

Every party was filled with wonderful food, games, arts & crafts, music, and plenty of smiles as each girl and young woman opened her gift. “The support from both donors and volunteers shows participants that there are lots of people who care about them,” shares Jenny. Alternatives For Girls would like to thank each person who participated in Project Giving Tree this year, as well as the wonderful volunteers who made all of our holiday parties possible!

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