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Searching for Stability: After finding AFG’s shelter, Jordan can finally focus on her future

Jul. 3 2019


That’s what Jordan* felt when she and her daughter arrived at Alternatives For Girls.

As she tells her story, she re­lives the emotion. Her shoulders un-tense. She mimics a “phew” sound. She melts into the chair and smiles at her daughter who is playing nearby.

Searching for Stability

Jordan’s parents both died when she was young. She lived with her sister for a while, but wasn’t receiving the support or care she needed.

She was often left to care for her young nephew after school, leaving her little time to study. After missing an important final because she needed to care for her nephew, Jordan was almost held back a grade.

During her senior year, Jordan found out she was pregnant with her daughter. Her sister kicked her out, and Jordan had to search for a place to stay.

“Ever since that time, I’ve had a hard time being stable,” Jordan shares.

Vulnerable. Alone.

Jordan became homeless. For a while, Jordan was able to stay with friends and acquaintances. Finishing her education was so important to her that she managed to graduate high school during this time.

When her options ran out, Jordan faced being out on the streets with her daughter.

Finding Stability

Jordan called AFG, and was able to move in within an hour. Fi­nally, Jordan was able to exhale. For years, all of her energy was focused on just surviving. Once she was in AFG’s shelter, she was able to focus on herself, her daughter, and her goals.

She didn’t let any time go to waste. Once she settled in, Jordan began to learn skills that will help her live on her own.

“Now that I have somewhere that can support what I need, I’m able to be more focused on my end goals,” she shares.

A Bright Future

Jordan is working towards getting a good job, a car, and an apartment for her and her daughter. In the future, she plans to continue her education and study engineering.

It’s because of your support that young women have a stable place to stay and the support they need to reach their goals. Thank you for supporting girls and young women!

 *Name has been changed to protect her confidentiality.

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