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Blog: The Importance of New Choices

May. 22 2012

Posted on May 22, 2012 by Alana Gracey

About the blogger: Alana Gracey is the Safe Choices Project Manager at Alternatives For Girls. In her role, she oversees the Safe Choices Project, AFG’s program that reaches out to women involved in commercial sex work, connecting them with needed resources. New Choices, a part of Safe Choices, continues to be one of the few full-service programs for girls and women involved in the commercial sex industry in the country.

Making different choices can mean the difference between feeling stuck in a situation that can’t be changed and finding the spark of hope that can propel a woman on to taking control of her life.  New Choices, Alternatives For Girls’ exiting sex work program, believes this to be true and works with women around empowerment, recognizing that the women’s experiences make them the experts in changing their own lives.

One of the most powerful aspects of New Choices is peer leadership.  It is one thing for staff members who utilize genuine caring as well as knowledge to guide women as they move toward positive changes.  However, it is quite another for women who have been in similar high-risk situations to be role models to their peers.  Peer Leadership not only provides women in transition with hope, it provides them with proof that what so many people have told them is impossible is actually possible.

Women have the power to work together and change themselves.  We tap into what quintessentially makes us women and we realize that we have the power to make the choice to change.  The things we’ve learned in the past—the choices we’ve made in the past do not have to bind us to our current existence.  As women, we realize our self-worth and our greatness.  We know that we can be different—that the quality of our lives can be better.  It does not happen overnight, but we know that these things can begin simply by making New Choices.

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