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Blog: Transition to Independent Living Program teaches young women to sustain independence

Dec. 20 2012

Posted on December 20, 2012 by Melody Moore

About the blogger: Melody Moore is the Curriculum Coordinator at Alternatives For Girls, working with the young women in our Shelter/Transition to Independent Living Program.

Living independently means a lot to young ladies who face tumultuous times. It means being able to financially sustain yourself. It means having the knowledge on how to acquire and maintain a job, search for housing, manage money and even pursue higher education. These are among the many topics covered in the Transition to Independent Living Program offered at Alternatives for Girls.

The 12-week program has two components. The first, Career Paths,  meets for two hours, four days week for six weeks.  Through Career Paths, students have hands-on learning opportunities including mock job interviews with hiring professionals. Additional topics include: professional hygiene and presentation, budgeting and credit reports, grocery shopping on a budget and landlord/tenant rights.

The second component, Life Skills, also meets for six weeks, addressing interpersonal life skills such as healthy relationships, communication, conflict resolution, coping with stress, and self-esteem.  Through interactive activities, creative arts, and group dialogue, the young ladies define their values, build self-awareness, and develop skills to make healthy choices.

Additionally, during and after program completion,  support services, which include counseling sessions and advisory meetings, are offered. Through the TIL Program, we support participants in identifying their goals and developing the skills they need to grow into strong, independent women.

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