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Blog: What I Think and How I Feel About New Choices

Mar. 15 2013

Posted on March 15, 2013 by Babydoll

About the blogger: Babydoll has been a participant in AFG’s New Choices Program for eight years. She first came into the program seeking support as survivor of severe mental, emotional, and sexual abuse. She continues to be active in the program today.

I’ve been coming to New Choices for eight years. New Choices is a great opportunity for change and growth; a place of support without judgment. Group workshops include time for goal-setting and case planning, and are always confidential. New Choices has a vast array of services: from the clothing closet, to condom packets, with daily transportation, hot lunches, and shower and laundry facilities-New Choices participants receive a lot of services!

New Choices is a place I call home when I feel lost. It’s a place that helps me find my way. New Choices helped me become more self-sufficient. The staff are beautiful women, powerful and influential, dedicated, supportive, kind, understanding, strong, and sensitive. These women make me a better person. They gave me back my will to live.  I have much love to all the staff for their unyielding support and encouragement.

From my thirty-day stay in the hospital, major surgery, a horrible car accident, the sudden death of my closest brother, and many other challenges, New Choices has always been there for me, and they still are, today.

All the New Choices women are unique individuals; yet we are united in our struggles. Overcoming obstacles, we are here to help one another face adversity. We share, love, and care for one another when we’re down, and we’re always here to lift one another to new heights. We learn, grow, share, talk, laugh, and cry together. We are intelligent, understanding, loving women who continue to learn from one another when things get us down. New Choices reminds us to hold our heads up – the sky’s the limit! There is no limit!

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