Youth Programs

Children who have witnessed or experienced trauma, such as homelessness and domestic violence, may need extra support to avoid high-risk activities such as drugs, gang involvement, pregnancy, or dropping out of school.



AFG’s shelter provides care for girls and young women aged 15-24 years old. What makes our shelter unique is that we help individuals in need of help, who are not in the foster care system and are too young to be placed in a city shelter and/or may have children of their own up to age 5.


Housing Stability

Safe, secure housing is critical to an individual’s personal growth and success, particularly in times of trauma and stress.


Human Trafficking

It’s estimated that in the United States nearly 200,000 people are trafficked each year, but this is an understatement. Victims are often afraid to come forward for fear of death by their trafficker, jail time and shame.


Domestic Violence

According to the National Coalition on Domestic Violence, more than 36% of Michigan women will experience some form of domestic violence. And when they do, their support options are limited. That’s why AFG makes helping survivors a priority in our programming.


Workforce Development

AFG understands that gainful employment is a pathway to a young woman’s growth and prosperity. We also know that young women experiencing homelessness, domestic violence, human trafficking, and other trauma-related vulnerabilities face systemic inequalities and lack of access to safe and stable employment.