Human Trafficking


Human Trafficking

It’s estimated that in the United States nearly 200,000 people are trafficked each year, but this is an understatement. Victims are often afraid to come forward for fear of death by their trafficker, jail time and shame.

Human trafficking does not discriminate. Victims are as young as babies and as mature as grandparents. Victims are any race, gender and are from the wealthiest to the most impoverished neighborhoods.

At AFG, we support human trafficking victims and survivors. Our team works to earn and build trust with each woman we encounter on the streets, and through our Crisis Resource Center. Little by little we are able to break their wall down and help them heal with access to healthcare, housing, mental health services, and our workforce development program.



AFG goes directly to the streets to identify and assist people who may be being trafficked or living in dangerous situations. Our team of staff and qualified volunteers offer immediate assistance with clothing, food, harm reduction, and hygiene kits.

Survivor Support

We offer a range of support services, including weekly support groups and educational workshops to build life skills, self-esteem, and leadership.


AFG is at the forefront to help end human trafficking and have partnered with local providers and agencies to help combat exploitation.

If you or someone you know is in need of help, contact us at:

(888) AFG-3919 or (313) 361-4000, ext. 295.


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