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“I don’t have to be a failure my whole life. Life is about choices and I plan to make the right ones from now on. I deserve better. I am better.” 

-Summer, former Shelter resident and future nurse

AFG’s Shelter Program provides a stable home, counseling, and life skills training to homeless young women aged 15-21 and their children. The goal is to empower them to lead productive and fulfilling lives.

AFG’s Shelter can house up to 30 young women and their children. In addition to providing homeless young women with a safe and stable place to stay, AFG also provides life skills classes, counseling and case planning services to those we serve—all with the goal of giving them the tools they need to lead fulfilling and independent lives.

Shelter programs include:

  • Stepping Stones, a program for homeless and runaway young women ages 15-17 with the goal of reunifying them with their families
  • Emergency Shelter, a program for homeless young women ages 15-21 and their children, with the goal of providing a short-term safe and stable environment until they can get back on their feet
  • Transition to Independent Living, which provides homeless young women with long-term shelter combined with life skills classes, case planning services, and counseling, with the goal of providing young women with the tools they need to be successful on their own
  • Aftercare, which provides continuing support to young women ages 15-21  that have moved out of our shelter as well as to youth who are homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless in the community

If you or someone you know needs shelter, or you would like to learn more about the AFG Shelter, please contact:

Alternatives For Girls Resource Center
Phone: (313) 361-4000 ext. 295


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